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Homeowner's insurance is a great way to protect your home and personal property from being completely lost when there is a disaster. In Kentucky, the Sacca Insurance Agency can help you put together a formidable policy that will keep your home safe.

Who Needs Homeowner's Insurance?
Your home can take a severe beating from hail, winds, and rains, but it is not indestructible. Homeowner's insurance is available to anyone who owns, rents, or has a mortgage. It can be extremely costly if your house catches on fire or an unexpected storm causes massive amounts of damage. Without the proper insurance coverage, you may be without a place to stay for an extended period of time. Insurance can assist you with costly construction materials needed to replace or rebuild your home

Types of Policies
There are many different types of policies in Kentucky. The main two types include open perils and named perils policies. Open perils offers you coverage from a large amount of dangers that can occur except those that are specifically excluded from the policy. In contrast, in a named perils policy, you recover losses from disasters that are specifically named in the policy.

Replacement Cost and Actual Cash Value
Replacement cost is the amount you would receive for the cost of repairs or the cost to rebuild your home.
Actual cash value is the amount you would receive for the cost of your home. The age of the home and depreciation is taken into consideration.

Why Use Independent Insurance Agents
As independent insurance agents, Sacca Insurance Agency can help reduce your rates. We are able to shop around and search for the best deal. We research hundreds of policies and coverages from reliable insurance companies throughout the state. Start protecting your future with homeowner's insurance. Check out our office in Kentucky, where we can get you started with a policy to safeguard your home.