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Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance is a must for anyone that owns or operates a business and the helpful independent insurance agents for those in Kentucky with Sacca Insurance Agency can help you find the policy that is right for you. Commercial insurance is in place to help do two major things, first and foremost it is in place to protect the proprietor or owner, and second it is in place to protect the patrons.

Commercial insurance in its most basic terms works to protect the proprietor from damages and from being sued and protects the patrons should an accident occur while they are on the premises. Most basic commercial policies will have a liability clause that helps to protect both the patron and the proprietor should an accident occur within the property. It protects the owner by paying out a sum of money on the medical bills or pain and suffering of the afflicted and it helps to protect the patron by paying some of their medical bills should they be able to prove the accident occurred at the store or business.

Another clause that is common is the protection of the actual assets. This means that there are often clauses that help to protect the property from damage as well as clauses that help to protect the inventory should there be any from things like theft, damage, and more. Commercial policies are not as frequently used as personal policies in terms of claims but they are super beneficial to have in place if you have a business.

Commercial policies can help prevent the financial ruin of an owner and can help keep the business protected so that it can continue operations even in the case of major damage or legal action against the business. There are literally dozens of different types of commercial insurance policies and different levels and types of coverage.

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